A week of workshops hosted by Jon Robson & Matt Stephenson at Winifred Holtby School - Hull. Supported by Aim Higher & Creative Partnerships to develop students creative approach to learning.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Great Debate at Hull Guildhall

Examining slave shackles with Billy Wilberforce Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Winifred Holtby Media Week :: Film # 1

Click above to start the film. A week of workshops hosted by Jon Robson & Matt Stephenson at Winifred Holtby School - Hull. Supported by Aim Higher & Creative Partnerships to develop students creative approach to learning.

Our Voice :: Our Media :: Film # 2

Click above to start the film playing.... A week of workshops hosted by Jon Robson & Matt Stephenson at Winifred Holtby School - Hull. Supported by Aim Higher & Creative Partnerships to develop students creative approach to learning.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Very proud

I am very proud of the year 9 media group at winifred this week. The learning was superb all day every day, and each student got such a lot out of it, at different levels. Jon and Matt worked very hard to give all the students new experiences and freedom to experiment and be creative. Most of you only needed to be shown once and you were away......we need to continue this in the autumn term! As a teacher this is the best the job can get.......motivated students, enjoyment, fun and learning in a real context, about real issues! I am really happy! Bransholme is a real international centre of creativity and learning ..........well done, all of you!

Phil trying to look like he can play guitar

Give it up Phil who do you think you're trying to kid !! Kurt

big fat monkey....

i thought this picture was funny because all you can see is about 20 monkeys in rows and thats the only light in the entire room. plus it was irnonic because people from a far away place going to america and americans going to a far away place lol. this is why i found it very very funny!!!!!!

Matt + Jon on first day in Sierra Leone...Matt looks wrecked

They can't be related to me, can they?

can you balieve thes freaks are my cousins


Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
this is one of my favourite posesions

Brilliant work - message from Matt

FANTASTIC - this week we've got loads of footage and interviews taken around the school site, we've got literally hundreds of photos on the Flickr site (check the links at the side of the page), we've recorded audio clips about attitudes to life at school, life on Bransholme, life in Hull, life in the UK and how everyone feels about the world and their place in it. People have tackled jobs that they've found difficult, but discovered they could do it. Other people have overcome their shyness to speak on camera or into a microphone. Chelsey wrote a brilliant piece about the way African nations are portrayed in the media and how here views have changed during the course of the week. Rebekah, Stephanie and Paige conducted a survey into attitudes toward control and discipline around the school and followed this up with a very well thought out and expressed article. Claire and Becky showed excellent written skills, Laura proved to be a visual whizz and a great organiser, Nozza and Dan proved what they can do technically, Kurt and Phil threw themselves into everything (including paper aeroplanes!), Alex, Vicky and James too, and Chris and Terri helped and supported each other throughout. Through the whole week, the single thing that has knitted everyone together has been an awareness and empathy with the audience for our work - kids in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Look at all this stuff - there's bags of life, creativity and intelligence in Bransholme... and a link has been made between an isolated city in the east of England and av struggling city in the west of Africa.

me with camera =D

this photo was taken before we went to go and interview Mr. Liddle and we were waiting to go into his office.

It was funny cos we were pretending to film people walking by when the camera wasnt even on and they actually believed us! So they were waving and stuff for no reason xD haha. silly people :P

claire x

three friends

Originally uploaded by Jon - Cafesociety.org.
i chose this pic coz its shows not all africans are unhappy these 3 children look happy and look like there ernjoying life as they should i hope there like this every day happy

me and james acting like we can fly hah

me and james where just meesing around in this photo is was taken in my garden lol hahness it was a great day but in the end we figured out i couldnt fly :( i like this photo though because it shows where still little kids inside plus i rememebr how hard it was to gte on his shoulders hes so tall hah!!!!!!

Taking Digi cameras home!

Chocolate crispie bun!!!
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Today as well as continuing with our work we were allow to take a digital camera home with us. It was great and i took a picture of this to show that i love chocolate!!!

Chelsey's article on Africa

This is a superb article Chelsey, well done for some well expressed thoughts


" hold, hold, ... were live!"
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Rebekah, me and Becky were helping the other group interview some teachers.
It was fun because it was the first time I got out to interview someone and help use the camera and sound.

claire x

Day 1= Fab!!!!

Claire + Rebekah
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
This was the first day- we just watched some films from children and teenagers in Sierra Leone and then talked about nour personal, local, national, and international dreams, hopes and ambitions for the future then film it. We voiced our opinions on the community, school and the videos we had watched earlier (most of which were very emotional and opened our eyes to how spoilt and selfish we are!!!) I really learnt a lot about myself from the videos of sierra leone. It was a great day!!!!

Steff in Shades!

Steff in Shades!
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
This picture was taken when me and Paige were messing about doing our blogs. When Jon showed me the picture i had no idea he had taken it which is why i think its so funny!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

School Gates / Fencing

The article about the fences makes interesting reading. How large was the sample? i am sure that the main reason behind the gates was security for students and staff. After visiting some schools in New York a couple of years ago, where there were fences and policemen and policewomen patrolling the corridors, we dont seem so badly off. The comments about control and behaviour are interesting though. Maybe this group should come to the school council meeting and share your ideas there.....

My Questionair!

1. What is your favourite thing in the world and why?

Erm... probably Danny cos he is the person that makes me happy =D

2. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

I'd say my bedroom, cos its comfy and were i get ready and chill out when i'm stressed lol

3. Where is your worst place in the world and why?

My worst place would probably be, my caravan! Well i ant got it no more but i used to hate going sometimes on my own with my parents because it used to be soo boring and espeshally when my mate Lora couldn't come!

4. Where do you think the ugliest place in the world is and why?

Erm... my garage, as much as i love it and ad some great laughs in it, it is ugly lol. Its really big but its dark and spider-fested! and its cramped with a load ov crap, like old signs, my dads tralor, paint, tools, workbench and loads more stuff!

5. Where do you think the best place in the world is?

I would say.. Hull all togetha! Cos its the place were i spend time with my mates, danny, my family! Its also the place i live, go to school and shop!! So i wunt say i'd wanna live anywhere else at the minute but that will change in future lol.

6. What things do you love and hate most?

The things i love most are, My friends my family and the person thats most close to me ;) i also love, friday and saturday nights cos i always go out somewhere and ava right laff! I love my pets aswel, and havin girly nights eatin shite food lol! The things i hate most are SPIDERS! I have a huge phobia on them and utha annoyin bugs lol. I hate people who get on my nerves cos i have a really short temper at certain times of the months lol, and i hate arguin and things going wrong! Oh and i also love hot weather, being on holiday and BEACHES! and money.

7. What are your fears?

Erm... my fears are gettin fat! Spiders, gettin embarrased really bad infront of everyone i know and any of my nightmares coming true, and being tortured to death!

8. What are your dreams and why?

My dreams are to become everything i wish for, i want to become a graphics designer, and earn lots of moneys so i can travel the world later on in life, because i want to have loads of great memories when im older and want to expierence the world! I want to become a graphics designer because its something i enjoy doing.

9. What are your hopes?

The same as my dreams!

10. What is your biggest achievement in life so far?

Erm... i haven't really achieved much to say, i am only 14 at the end of the day, but probably gettin good SAT's results?

11. What are your ambitions for the future?

Erm travelling the world definatly, and gettin the perfect job for me :)

this was greaaaaaaaaat !!!!!!!!

this was great i loved it it was nerve racking but who cares i interviewed the head teacher the thing that made this project what it is was jon and matt there great jon the best film maker in the world matt the best writer in the world there two great guys thanks alot i learnt alot from this

Our group

The mirror world.
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
just before returning to Dorchester, we decided to have a group photo =]

this was outside B block, near some science classrooms. The mirrors were reflective so we decided to take a picture of us all in the mirror =D

it was fun :P

claire x

danny, claire and jon on set!

filming 2
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Danny trying not to nudge camera, while claire is doing the sound with jon assisting danny on camera.

A week in Hull, learning about Sierra Leone

Hi my name is Chelsey Turner. I’m writing this to show you my strong feelings on Africa.

I feel we are all human so why should Africans just have to live in poverty because of greed and selfishness. They shouldn’t. I believe it’s because of their colour.

The way they are shown on TV they just look like beggars and wanters they look like they’ve got no chance of survival.

But then Matt Stephenson and Jon Robson came to our school Winifred Holtby Technology College. Matt’s a writer and Jon’s a film maker. They’re great. They showed me the real Africa, the humans who have fun who’ve had a bad life but learnt to get on with it.

When I see the Africans on TV they just beg but when Matt and Jon went to Freetown Sierra Leone, Hull’s twinned city, they brought back some images and films on how they live and that really made me want to get involved. They didn’t look like beggars, they were normal happy people, and they just haven’t got what we’ve got. That makes me feel like wanting to donate as they aren’t asking for anything showing there happy as they are. People are quick to call them racist names and call them beggars but they’re not, they’re just humans like us. Just because they’re a different colour doesn’t mean nothing. They’ve been held back by their government’s greed greed greed.

Why can’t the bigger countries donate directly to the people? They’ve got pride, they don’t just need money, and even them just having links to people like us helps them feel more involved in the world. By communicating with them you can show them that you can sympathise and understand their position. I used to think that they were just beggars and it was their own fault, but it isn’t. Money is a big problem. We need to help them.

Education is a big thing in England. You don’t have to pay for it. If your parents don’t work you get free dinners and the parents still get dole money that they need to buy clothes, food, gas, electric, but I think people here still feel like they have no money and are skint, but people in Africa don’t have clean water, electric, gas,, nice roof over there head, money, dole, clean clothes, shoes, nice fancy schools, well one where there kids can get a really good education, but we do. So if we do why don’t they? Because of their government, because of their colour, I don’t know it’s not their fault. Their country may need to be more organised with money, more nice places to live, more places to go, and more jobs.

We have 3 meals a day, snacks and other treats, ice cream, chocolate, goodies. For what we have in one day they’d be grateful for that in a week. When you get hungry you can go straight to the fridge or freezer a grab what you want but over there they are lucky to have a fridge.

The civil war in Africa has left children with bad memories. For what they’ve been through in one week, we’ve never been through, in a lifetime. They’ve been named child soldiers, the younger soldiers that is. I’ve learnt to not judge them by what I used to see on the TV I’ve seen the real Africa.

Why does everyone think that they only want money? They are human as well. And as soon as the world realises that the better, as they can’t carry on living the way they are. It’s not acceptable they’re living in sheds, no clean water, the heat out there may be really hot as well - why do we have all this and they have nothing?

me and laura ready 2 film!

Laura + Vicky
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
this is me and laura ( me with the camara and laura with the ear phones) i like this picture because we are gettin ready 2 film an interview!

this pic was on the first day and it was the first time us using the profesional equiptment!

i no how 2 use it properly now : )

me & Rebekah =]

Claire + Rebecca
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
this was before the interview on the first day. We had to chat about what we had done that day, what we thought of the school, our future plans, basically, anything about us that we would like to share with the people in Sierra Leonne.

We had been watching some videos that children had sent from Sierra Leonne and were learning about the ways in which they lived.
we decided to do the same thing and send them a video about school life and our personal life. We also included of what we thought of the world and our personal opinions.

I've had fun doing it and would like to do it again =]

claire x


Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
I enjoyed making films about myself to send to other people in africa.I also enjoyed filming other people and doing the sound.

phil at bon jovi concert

Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
i loved this concert


Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Kurt's trying to look cool


Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
this is our school library ,
it has a vast amount of books and comics.
it is usually very popular during break and dinner time .
however we took this picture during school lessons.

my family

my family
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
my family looking drunk

Chelsy & Laura Lookin serios on set lol

Chelsey + Laura
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Here is me n chelsey, (Chelsey with blonde hair, Me with the brown) i like this pic because we are in the middle ov being interviewed on set lookin very serios lol! I like the sepia effect on it aswel which makes it look gurd.

This was the first day so it was quite different, boring at first then it got gud bein infront ov the camara! Me and Chelsey tried quite hard not makin a mistake bein interviewed and tried to look quite relaxed and chilled out lol.

I fink it ended it up lookin ok, and we dint look to bad :P !!

Becky giving you evils...

Don't look at me !! I will give you the evils....I will I'm NOT joking... GO AWAY. Don't look. !! I will crack your mirror !!

me and steph!!! was funny =D

Well, me ans Steph were messing around with the "camera phone" as she called it, she was pretending to interview me!!! haha

this was before we went to go and interview Mr. Liddle for our film to send to Sierra Leonne. Steph was carrying the microphone and I was carrying the tripod.

That day was good because we got to go out with the video camera and got to use it. We all had different jobs to do and we switched between intervies. I firstly had to set up the tripod and then was taking photos. I learnt the hip shot when i was taking photos because Jon topld me how to do it =]

claire x

our crew

"your looking the wrong way"
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
i really enjoyed this particular day it was fun and i enjoyed doing all of the filming with my mates

>> art <<<

"shoot low" Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
I chose this picture because it shows how artistic our school is. Most of these pictures seem to show how `crap` our school is , however this picture represents the artistic and beautiful side of our school , it shows powerful emotion and strong feelings. i also think its cool =D .

chris is in a happy mood

chris is in a happy mood
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
Chris was upset when he how africans had to kill each other with

emma and barney my dog

my sister and barney
Originally uploaded by winiholtby.
this photo shows how much I learned this week as I could not have taken this photo unless i had learned it.

Pupil questionaire on gates at winni

Pupil Questionnaire Rebekah Palmer, Paige Smith and Stephanie Gill devised a questionnaire for this blog to look at attitudes about control and discipline within the school. Here are the questions... see the posting below which reveals the answers and tells you more about the issue. Q1. Do you think putting all the gates up around school was a good idea? YES NO Q2. How do the gates around school make you feel? SAFE CONTROLLED OTHER
OTHER: Q3. Do you think the school have put the gates up to ensure the students are safer? YES NO OTHER OTHER: Q4. Do you think the gates should be taken down? YES NO Q5. Do you feel like you are being controlled by the school? YES NO Q6. Do you think many of the students bad behaviour is caused by been rebelliousness towards the school trying to control them? YES NO Q7. Do you think if the school should trust us pupils more by letting us off site more therefore opening all the gates? YES NO Q8. Do you think the gates are the main problem with the school? YES NO NO: Q9. Are there any other things around school that make you feel as though you are been controlled? YES NO YES: Q10. What do you think the school could do to help this situation?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

what we did yesterday?

Lewis on yesterday's work... Yesterday, Noz, Dan, James and Becky interviewed Mr Druce yesterday in his office asking him about how he thought the future would go in money wise. The over group went to interview: Miss Northern, Mr Liddle, Mr Doosal, Mr Wilkinson. After we all wrote down our photo check list of our favourite things and worst things, after dinner we then continued on our internet blogs posting on blogger.

paige's day

what we did today was going around the school interviewing people like mr harry (who actually didnt turn up) mr liddle and mr hassan so we could get there views on things like the comunity rasicm and languages. it was relly fun and im not really looking forward to seeing me and steph and becky looking weird on the final thing!!!!! hah yesterday it was all more or less the same apart from the other group went out!!!

Rebekah: What we did on Thursday

Today we started to finish off our filming in the morning and some people went out and took more pictures with the digital cameras of different destinations in the school. Some pictures where positive and some negative to balance and show (hopefully) the true 'Winifred holtby' .
After break we continued with this and some people begun working on our 'blogs' and writing about what they would do if they where prime minister and updating any account of yesterday.
During the afternoon we split into three groups so that we could really get things done ads time was ticking away!!! One group did more work with the blogger- writing articles about the school and drawing comparisons between this school and African schools this group worked with Matt, the next group working with Jon helping and learning how to edit the filming we had already done to give it more of a proffesional feel, the last group went out with digital cameras again. When told by the people on the Blogs what they needed to add a picture to their blog the people with the cameras went out to get it.
Toward the end of the day we listened to more of the African Filming and some more of our own while going on Flickr to access and view our photos from the digital cameras.
The whole thing is beginning to pull together andtake more of a shape. Tommorrow the finishing touches will be made and i think that it should be fantastic. It has certainly been great so far- it's really interesting and i have learnt a lot about journalism (one of my ambitions for the future) and even quite a lot about camera's and photography which is very useful. I hope we can have more projects that get us involved and allow us the freedom to go out and take videos and photos for a purpose!!!
By Rebekah Palmer

if i was primeminister- by James Patrick

if i was primeminister- by James Patrick

If I was the Prime Minster I would make and equal law. Which would make all things equal in the Court of law e.g.: if a man murders another man the man who committed the crime will be murdered.

Secondly I would I would decrease pollution by increasing the fine if you are caught committing the crime and I will put more police officers patrolling the streets to witness the crimes in action.

Next I would bring back the cane as I believe it will improve grades in the school and will decrease the amount of silliness.

I would give homeless people a free education so they have a qualification so they can get a job so they can earn money so they can eventually buy somewhere to live and not be homeless again.

Fourthly I would stop charities from keeping some of the money that people donate to people that have breast cancer and give all the money to that cause.

james patrick

If I was Prime Minister- by Claire Cutts

I would stop taxes and make homeless people get a job. People who are unable to work, the government shall pay for.

I would make things cheaper in the UK. I would ban smoking in public areas, people shall only smoke in their homes.

I would make sure that more bins were placed around the UK to prevent pollution. I would ban illegal drugs from being sent into the UK.

I would make the price of going to university cheaper. I would ban debt.

I would bring back capital punishment if the accused is found guilty of murder etc.

I would support gay marriage and make it legal in the UK.

If a child is abused, the abuser shall be sent to prison and banned from having any further children. I would bring back the cane in all schools across the UK. This would insure correct behaviour in schools.

I would reduce the cost of bus fares in the UK. I would make internet access free.

I would stop illegal immigrants and asylum seekers from entering the UK. I would make sure there were fire alarms and burglar alarms in every home.

I would make a national holiday called “Daughters Day”. It would be placed around either March or September time. I would also create a “Son’s Day” this would be around the same time as Daughter’s day,It would be during the same week.


Vicky's Interview! By Laura Peterson

What is your favourite thing in the world and why? My family and friends because there always there for me! Where is your favourite place in the world and why? My bed because its comfy, and were i can be myself. Where is your worst place in the world and why? SCHOOL! because its boring and i get fed up of it sometimes lol Where do you think the ugliest place is in the world and why? I don't think anywhere is! Where do you think is the best place in the whole world is? On holiday with my family, because i can have fun and get a tan :P What things do you love and hate most? I love the most going out on a night with my mates, and i hate the most staying in bored with nowt to do! What are your fears? SPIDERS! and bee's and wasps What are your dreams and why? My dreams, ermm... to get a well paid job with loads of money! What are your hopes? To get the job i want! What is the biggest achievement in your life so far? Probably getting good SAT's results :s What are your abitions for the future? to get a good job and get loads of money!

If I was prime minister...

If I was prime minister I would Make sure that the world would be much cleaner and brighter by more recycling and make sure that there was no more polluting and a healthy range of foods in places like macdonalds,burger king and send large donations of money to places like Sierra Leone.

Paigey pie’s interview By Stephanie gill Q. What is your favourite thing in the world and why? A. My buddies because you can have a laugh with them, lark out with them and they’re there whenever you need them! Q. Where is your favourite place in the world and why? A. America because its hot, sunny and it has beautiful houses and things. Q. Where is your worst place in the world and why? A. My home because of my sister and her boyfriend and Ben. Q. Where do you thing the ugliest place on the world is and why? A. My sister’s room because it’s a right tip and you can’t even find anything! Q. Where in your opinion is the best place in the whole wide world and why? A. My street because its so bonnie and so quiet because no one larks out and you can hear the birds Q. What things do you love/hate the most? A. I love my animals, steph and becky. I hate Ben, my sister and selfish people. Q. What are your fears? A. Death of those I love and spiders. Q. What are your dreams and why? A. Happiness because it’s the best thing you can have in the world. Q. What are your hopes? A. To be a photographer or something to do with art when I’m older. Q. What is the biggest achievement in your life so far? A. Been a hippy on a float in Lord Mayor’s parade when I was 11. Q. What are your ambitions for the future? A. To hopefully be a photographer and to be wealthy.

Our Media Week

Our week of film-making has been intersesting up till now. I'm looking forward to seeing the end product, and seeing me, Chelsey and Vicky in the photos and the film, interviewing the teachers haha! This film will be going to Searra Leone which is a country in Africa, so the people there can see what school life is like in Hull and England. The film is mainly on racism and hopes and aspirations, of us. Day 1, we sat in the ICT suite in Dorchester, (which is part of Winifred Holtby school, but part of it is a primary, and students from wini can study here aswell) We was watching films from teenagers in Freetown (capital of Searra Leone) , The teenages there rapped and danced on the films and it was really good to see what they like doing and what they did for a living which was, fishing for money or food. We also wrote on paper what our hopes/aspirations were and our local, national and internations dreams were! Then later in the afternoon, we got filmed solo, saying our name, age, what we liked doing and our dreams were. Day 2, we traveled around the school doing interviews with teachers and learing how to work the camara.I interviewed Miss Northen who is a Graphics teacher, because my aspirations are to do something in Graphic Design. It was quite good doing interviewing on film! It was funny to see how nervous some of the teachers were seeing how confident they useally are in class. We also took pictures of us all working the camara and us doing the interviews with the teachers, and other stuff like things around the school which would interest the people from Searra Leone. Day 3, today we have gone doing a couple last interviews again, and we have completed doing the mains of the filming. We have took the last of photos i think. We are now just building up the blog, and soon we will be editing the film and adding more material to it!

It been great doing this media project and a good experience!

Matt on yesterday's work...

Busy day, hectic schedules. First thing was to develop and organise all of the work we'd started on the previous day: big lists of hopes, dreams, aspirations and ambitions - personal, local, national and international. Then looking at how we could handle those ideas with interviews, words, still images and film. We were also visited by guests from Creative Partnerships, and everyone in the group presented and discussed their work - very intelligent comments, very articulate - well done everybody. We did lots more work during the afternoon - different groups out and about around the school site interviewing teachers, others working on the blog, writing lists about favourite things, things we love and hate, looking at photos by Martin Parr and Richard Billingham - preparation work for taking digital cameras home to take pictures which will give an insight into our lives here in Hull (keeping in mind that the audience for the work will be kids in Sierra Leone). Naturally, one or two problems along the way - as usual, mainly of the technical variety. One of the video cameras stopped working which left us a little short of resources, and the particularly hot weather meant the classroom was stuffy and hot, everyone's concentration drifted a little toward the end of the day... But hey, not really a problem. Working with problems and finding a creative solution is all part of the fun.

what we've done so far - Claire's story =]

This morning, some members of the different groups went to interview some teachers for the film we are making which we plan to send to Sierra Leonne. The first part of the morning was mainly getting fotage for the different group however, afterwards, our group will be interviewing Mr. Liddle and Mr. Harry for our film.
Yesterday, some visitors came to see what we had been getting up to. We went around the school taking photos of different areas of the school and mainly focusing on the good parts and bad parts of school life. Rebekah, me, Steph and Paige all went out to take these photos and we came back with quite a variety. We then loaded them up into Flickr.com and can now see and edit the pictures that have been taken by both groups.
We also made a Photo Check List and had to include what we like and dislike in our personal life, we wrote our dreams and ambitions and plan to take photos of what we had written. Such as "your fears: spiders" we would go and take pictures of spiders.
Today, we plan to film more interviews with different teachers around the school. As the week is ending, tomorrow is the final day to finish the films so we will be editing what we have done.
We are making these films for people in Sierra Leonne, after watching films about their life, we plan to do the same. We found out that our lives are completely different to the lives of children in Sierra Leonne and to compare them, we made these films.
I've enjoyed everything so far, the experience of making films has been good. We get to learn how to work the camera and sound whilst shooting some fotage and do most of the work after being taught how to do the various things. It has been great fun and i've liked learning new things about the media.
Claire x

Steph's days

On the 2nd day we all had out photos taken to put on out flickr site. 4 people from my group went out to take pictures of the school that we needed for out video, they were me, Paige, Claire and Rebekah. We took pictures of good things and bad things about our school and aslo things that the school could change to make the community a better place. While we was doing this the rest of our group filled in a checklist of photographs they wanted to take for their blog. The other group went around school interviewing teachers to put in their video. When we went home everyone took the pictures they needed and brought them back to school tody. When we arrived at school today all our pictures were uploaded on the flickr site. Danny, a person in our group, was editing some of our photos to make them fun. He made Beckyl and Lewis into devils. While he was doing that James, Lewis and Alex chose a list of sites that would link to what we are doing. they chose some sites with some fun games on and some photo sites. Me and Paige went around school making appointments with teachers to interview them and Claire, Becky and Becca helped the other gruop to finish off their interviews. When we came back i had to interview Paige on what her favourite things were and her hopes and dreams for the future. We have all interviewed each other to put on the blog. This afternoon we are hoping to finish off our interviews and our pictures, people will be going around school getting that done while the rest of us finish off on the computer. By tomorrow we should have edited all the film and it should be ready to see.

ma report ov wat iv dun 2day n yesterday!

yesterday we went rwnd skwl interviewing teachers on how they can help us get our ambitions and wat we need 2 do 2 get 2 wer we want 2 b! also we tlked bwt how they got 2 wer they are and wat they like bwt it! we went rwnd skwl and took pictures ov thngs we thought wud b interesting! 2day we finished off our interviews and took sum more pics!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Becky I thought that yesterday was interesting as we found out what happened in Sierra Leone. How the citizens there got on with their life. I found it interesting, the fact that the people living in Freetown loved singing. It was what they did with their life and the fact that they presented it in streets or anywhere. I liked watching the videos from the people over in Sierra Leone because you found out what their life was like. We found out about a boy who was made to kill people in the civil war when he was 8. It was shocking, the fact that people who were made to kill in the war are now looked down on and thought of as bad citizens. It was hard to listen to Sidibay telling his story of when he was younger and what happened to 7his family just before he was made to carry an ak.47 rifle around and kill people. We came up with our ideas on what we would like to be when we are older, our aspirations. We came up with ideas about what could happen locally and nationally and even internationally. In the afternoon we made a video of ourselves explaining who we are and what we would like to happen with ourselves and the world. My aspiration for when I am older is to be a Language Translator. Lewis I thought it was interesting and good the way we found out what people in Sierra Leone lived their life. The way they woke up did jobs around the house and some people went fishing to catch their breakfast then if there was left over fish they would sell it for money. One person went around house to house asking for jobs because they had no family or money. In return they would get either a meal or a little bit of money. We even found out on one of the stories, the person who was going house to house didn't get any money or a meal on a few of the houses because they found out he was a war child. William I thought the videos really opened our eyes to how people live in Sierra Leone. Many people lived in huts in which some didn't have toilets. We realize the things we have that the people in Sierra Leone don't have. It makes us feel grateful and spoilt. The videos were really moving because of the child soldier. It isn't nice for a man to be a soldier, never mind a child. It makes me feel as though I want to do something about it. (Becca) I thought it was alright. The videos were interesting, they told you what their lives were like in Sierra Leone. However I was expecting a bit more. I thought it was alright because I thought there would be more things to do. Phil I liked watching the videos of the rappers. They didn't need music to be able to rap. They rapped in the streets or in a sports area. This was amazing because when you watched them rapping they didn't use music. I liked the filming we did in the afternoon. It was fun because we were able to take it in turns to use the camera and the sound. Paige I found it interesting and surprising. I found it surprising the way the Sierra Leone people coped. We would give up whereas they carry on going. I found it interesting, the fact that they got up in a morning and went fishing or went to do jobs around houses before school. I also found that they had to walk half a mile to get to their school. This is surprising because most of us only have to walk across the road. We also have buses and cars in which we can have a ride into get to school. This is easier for us however it fasinating how you walk the half a mile to school. Claire I enjoyed all of the day. Although i thought the best part was the afternoon when we was filming and got to control the sound and the camera. I enjoyed watching the videos because we found out more about the people living in Freetown. Many of the people were rapping without music which was really interesting. People in England always rap with music. They find it easier however they do rapping for a hobbie. Terri I found it really intertesting especially in the morning. It was great watching the people in Sierra Leone rapping. We found out how talented these people are. They do this to be able to get a job in the singing career. I think the people feel if they can get into a job in singing or a job in which they can be able to either move out of that city or out of the country would be good. Chelsea I liked the filming. I liked to find out about the people. How they lived. Where they lived. What they did during the day. I also liked watching the Sierra Leone citizens rapping. I also liked the dancing. The way they danced. How they danced. Also how they rapped and what they rapped about. Dan I thought the morning was boring. There was too much talkin involved. However I liked the videos we watched of the Sierra Leone civilians. I thought the afternoon was great though because I learnt how to use the camera. We got to use the sound and camera equipment too. I enjoyed watching the play backs of us being filmed. I enjoyed it more because I was watching it with my best pal Lewis. Steph I found this experience interesting. We found out about the Sierra Leone people. I liked listening to the rapping and my favourite rap is 'dis year'. I like this rap along with Becky and Paige. Alex I thought the videos were interesting. We found out many things about the people who live in Sierra Leone. It wasn't very enjoyable listening to Sidibay telling us his story of why and how his family died. It was on this that we found out he was a war child. I did enjoy the afternoon because it was fun using the camera and the sound equipment.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More thoughts on learning

I was really impressed by everyone today.......those who needed a bit of gentle encouragement to appear in front of camera and those who took a leading role in the groups, working on creative ideas for the filming. Most of you learned a lot about sierra leone today, more probably than you would in a normal lesson in History or Geography? I would like to hear your views on this! Do you like being in charge of the learning going on here?

Our First Day

DSC07866a Originally uploaded by Jon - Cafesociety.org.
I hope you enjoyed your first day working with Matt and myself. You are some of the first young people we have shown the Sierra Leone films to and we hope you found them interesting and inspiring. Just to sum up - today you've learned about the two different audiences we'll be producing work for - the commercial audience of the the head, governors and parents - and the audience in Sierra Leone - kids like you who want to know all about your lives. You've all contributed your ideas about your hopes and aspirations for yourselves, your community, your nation and the world, and we've worked together to develop these ideas visually and journalistically, ready to begin filming tomorrow. Thanks for all your hard work.

The start of our blog

Hi everyone, this is the start of your blog about our Sierra Leone project. Keep every entry suitable and on subject. No swearing or inappropriate language please. I'm looking forward to some superb entries that will reflect your creative ideas!